Why I’m Running

Nearly 250 years ago, the founders of the United States of America charted a new course, to develop a nation unlike anything the world had ever seen.

It was a course that treasured liberty and religious freedom; the ability to succeed or fail on individual initiative; the right to own property; to petition the government; to trial by jury, and numerous other unique freedoms that came from this new form of government.

Our founders outlined these and other protections in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It was truly the first of its kind.

Our country was founded by innovators and “disruptors,” who were determined to change government to make it serve the people, a radical change from subservience to a monarch.

In the entire history of our world, no other country had blazed a trail for us to follow. We created a completely new form of government…all without a road map to show us the way. It made our nation and its people independent and industrious.  

This foundation of innovation and disruption is in our DNA.

And our unique American success story has persevered ever since, defended by the blood and sacrifice of the hundreds of thousands of men and women who gave their lives securing our principles and ideals from the tyranny of dictators.  

250 years later, our nation continues to evolve and change in new ways.

There are now different pressures to our way of life. Our political system has lost focus. Our current elected officials are locked in partisan discord. Our country continues to be increasingly fragmented, challenging the foundation of our democratic republic. This is not the country our founders created without apology. We need to do better.

America is still the greatest nation in history, and I’m honored to serve under her flag.

That is why, as a 24-year Air Force Veteran, a wife of 28 years, a mother of two and a proud patriot; I’m stepping forward to run for Congress in Minnesota’s Second District.

We need a new generation of leaders who will stand up for the people of Minnesota and inspire our citizens to shared action. With your help, that’s exactly what I’ll do. I will represent you not as just a Republican, Democrat or Independent, but as an American who wants to ensure our country continues to evolve the way our founding fathers intended.

I choose to believe people are inherently good. When left with a choice, Americans will act with integrity and common sense. 

We all want to succeed, and to succeed on our own merit. We want to have faith in our fellow Americans and we believe opportunity is there for everyone. It does not need to be provided by big government. And I know this as someone born and raised on the pride of the hardworking Minnesotan work ethic.

In contrast, the prevailing beliefs of the most vocal in today’s Democratic Party are largely in conflict with this philosophy. And by not speaking up against them, or speaking up for us, Angie Craig enables their behavior. While I respect Angie Craig as a person, I don’t believe her ideals help Minnesotans, or our country.

The extreme left legislators believe larger government, increased intervention and regulation in our daily lives and socialist practices are the solution. They do not believe we are able to make competent decisions without government influence, or we can thrive as a result of our own effort. At its foundation, this perspective assumes negative intent, and the inability to succeed on behalf of all of us. This only holds us back.

Angie Craig believes in her cause, but continues to be aligned with the most extreme elements of her party on issue after issue. She does not represent the moderate, centrist or center-right core of our district. Most recently, she supported the impeachment of the president on purely partisan grounds, choosing to fuel the flame of party politics, rather than making a difference with positive intent. Her focus has been lost on the things most important to Minnesota.

Our state, and our nation deserve better. We need to come together for a positive change.

I’m new to politics…an outsider. However, I’m not new to leadership.  I’m an innovator, a disruptor of the status quo. And I’ve used these skills to rally people together, to fight to achieve a shared goal. I’ve done it my entire life, from grassroots to international efforts, recognized by leaders including the Secretary of Defense. I’ve honorably served presidents from both parties.

I’m passionate about restoring this sense of shared purpose to Minnesota and our nation.   

I ask for your vote because I will be an effective messenger, a passionate advocate and a strong voice for all of us who want to get things done in Congress and in Minnesota.  

Please join me and working together, we will keep our politics true to the foundational principles that makes America a beacon to the world.   

In service to you, our state and nation,


Erika Cashin
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s Second Congressional District